Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trap door spider....

It seems to me as if this blog sits in a dusty corner. I come across it from time to time, like a old cookbook to peruse through, and put away.

I have been working like a mad woman, getting more and more frequent flier miles. Currently I'm sitting in my hotel in Punta Arenas, where I will be wrapping up a two month stint of work on July 20th. Immediately following is a weekend in Vegas to thaw out, and then off to Antarctica in early August. This is my second trip to Chile this year.

New word of the day, Antiopdal. I haz it.

Anyway, things are motoring along. I'm engaged as of my trip to Iceland, though only heaven knows when we will get the time to actually get married. This time back home, I think he and I have only really seen each other...maybe 2 months. We have both been traveling so much. I definitely do not see next year going down this way, but you never know. Though I know it is said absence makes the heart grow fonder, I really wonder if that statement is true. I certainly believe that it makes me harder to deal with when I get back home. Independence may be a good thing, but sometimes it can take the shape of overbearing.

Hm. I wonder if I had a point to make. All arrows point to no.

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