Monday, August 24, 2009

Of line drives and Anubis...

Kind of in a funk today...

Actually more like a melancholy. I'm not sure why. Not like I have much on my mind, or really my plate, but this season stateside has been nothing short of insane.

The breast lump scare, the basement flood, my parental units, his parental units, our work. All of it made the time fly like a blur, and not necessarily in the best of blurs. I'm ready to go home to the Ice.

I head out to Chicago this coming weekend for a surprise birthday party. I'm excited. I have never been to Chicago, so it should be quite the adventure. I'm only there for a few days though, and I'm sure taking in a town like that, one should expect to stay longer. After that I'm on to Arizona, to see my family. I try to go at least once before I redeploy. Usually there are construction projects waiting for me, but I get the sense that I'm going to probably make up my own projects. I have some planting in their yard I would like to do, and if I get really frisky, I want to build a awning for their porch, and maybe find a grill.

I'm food porning a ton. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing, but it does lend itself to me cooking a lot of things, and not necessarily eating them, particularly when it comes to sweets. Fortunately I can pawn them off on unsuspecting people. But in the case of some soup I made, if I'm not willing to really it eat, I'm definitely not interested in pushing it off on others. Of course, I will not get the chance to cook once I'm on the Ice, so I'm trying to get in what I can. Once upon a time I used to shoot guns for therapy and relaxation. Now I cook.

I did get the job I had hoped for this season. I'm excited. Nervous as hell of course, but excited.

All right...I'm boring myself to tears.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh irony...

She is a sneaky little devil.