Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where does the time go?

It seems to me, since I have been working in Antarctica, time never just drags anymore. It passes by quickly, year after year. To me, 9 seasons ago does sort of seem like yesterday. Here I am, now seeing the light at the end of my deployment tunnel, knowing full well that 2011 will go as quickly as any of the seasons have.

I bypass resolutions usually all together, but this year, I'm going to make it my best year ever. I have a lot of good things going on, and I'm standing on the edge of having close to a perfect life. I mean really, I am lucky, and if you would have asked my 10 years ago if I ever thought my life would be this good, I would have said no. Anyway, that is what I intend for 2011, and I suppose we will see how that goes. It means a lot of things, and for those that know me personally, and how rough 2010 ended up being for me, I'm not hoping for things to get easier (though I would take it if it presented itself), but for me to take it all in stride and in grace. Keep your hands and feet in the ride of life until the ride has come to a complete stop...

The season here has been good. I did get to see some of the more remote camps on my great continent. Yeah, it sure is white and mostly flat out there. But that being said, I have gotten to ride on flight decks of airplanes and bounce around in helicopters, even on my whirlwind work tours. One of the load masters on the LC130's recognized me, and we laughed about my getting some serious frequent flier miles. I told him I was in it for the upgrades. So he sat me up top in the cockpit. Yep, THAT was an upgrade for sure. He even made me a ghetto mocha.

I feel the rush of the end of season pushing down on my ears. I actually was up most of last night with anxiety, (not to mention my ribs are out of place, yet again. Thanks boxing!) and the feeling like I'm just not in control enough of this job of mine. This is the first job I have ever had that is this brainless, and seems impossible to get on top of on most days. Herding penguins across the airfield has got to be easier. Anyway, I'm feeling the pressure. Not in a good way, and I think my resolve to quit drinking for the month of January just got pushed back to Feb.

Boxing takes up a fair bit of my time, and has pushed my physical limits further than a lot of activities I have done in my life. I box 3 times a week now, and am completely addicted to it. I would like to continue once I get back to the states, but because of my work travel schedule, I'm fairly dubious that will happen. Yet, I'm hopeful that I will get the chance. I have popped my ribs out twice now. Once was just a fluke, I twisted bad while hitting the heavy bag, and the other was a direct result of my sparring buddy landing an odd punch on my back. Not something that usually happens, but as soon as he nailed me, I knew it. Yeah, so hopefully this will not take weeks to get back into place again. I did end up in medical, much like Oliver Twist asking for some meds to help me get through the night. Taking said meds made me barfy and unable to work the next day, so that was a bust. Yep, I usually power through the pain I feel sort of stupid for even asking the doctor for meds in the first place.

I also asked for ambien this year too. A few firsts for me down here in the 2010 season. Usually I power through the insomnia. *sigh* Maybe I'm just getting old. This is also the first season (knocks on particle board) that I have not been down with the crud. I'm exposed to a lot of work places, but not necessarily to high concentrations of people. Couple that with a desire to avoid social situations this season, and I think I might...might actually make it without getting sick.

Anyway, here is to hoping all of our 2011 is the best year for us. Whatever that should mean.